Meet Our Judges + Team

Lacey Barratt has personally trained each of our judges. She has been a birth photographer for nearly a decade and aided hundreds of other women to create sustainable birth photography businesses that support their entire families. After documenting over 150 births and judging countless photographic competitions over the years, she felt it was time to create one of her own. Thus, the Birth Photographer International Image Competition was born. Please rest assured that you can only expect the highest standards when you enter our competition and the most incredible judges you can find.

Each of our judges have gone through a minimum of 10 hours of judges training to ensure they all understand the quality of work our competition is looking for. When you train your judges there is a level playing field,  and they understands the unique quirks our competition has to offer. Our judges have impeccible understanding of imagery, visual communication, post-processing, and they are excellent at spoken communication skills. Our goal is for all of our entrants to feel inspired and encouraged to document in more creative ways.




In a time when photography was taken as a novelty, WG Atkins began his business taking photography very seriously. He knew the story telling power of photographs, he built a business making photographs and creating memories. WG’s collection still exists, it still tells its’ stories.

On this foundation Atkins was built, we know what it takes to tell your history with photographs, we have eighty years of practise. We know how to save the digital ephemera and turn it into artefact. Our focus is your pictures, the pictures that matter.

We care about your stories and the images that tell them. You won’t find kiosks in our store, you’ll find people, people who care and want to help you. Our products are not going to be cheap throw away items, we make products to last longer than your memory, we create heirlooms for your family.

We don’t want to print all your photos, we only want to print your most loved pictures, the forever pictures that mean something. Our lives are full of an endless stream of meaningless pictures, we are here for pictures that matter.

Paul Atkins
Atkins Pro Lab 

Connie Baker
Integrated Copy

Kathleen Ellis
Melbourne Birth






Victoria is an internationally award winning photographer, legend in her own right, and paved the way for birth photographers around Australia. Trailblazing in so many unique ways, Victoria helped train judges and with other various tasks in creating a competition of this scale. We are so lucky to have such a world renowned and accomplished photographer and business woman on the team of BPIIC.

Victoria Berekmari
Adelaide Birth Photographer


Bree Garcia
J&B Photography
Lindsey Eden-Bartell
Lindsey Eden Photography
Liz Cook
Katie Gallop
Sugar Images
Leilani Rogers